1. Industrial refrigeration system

Design consultancy of industrial refrigeration systems, central refrigeration systems for seafood refrigeration plants, ice and food factories, seafood processing factories such as:
• Central refrigeration system using ammonia (NH3), Freon (R22, R314, …).
• Cold system for wooden or steel boats, frozen vehicles.
• Installing flake ice production system with capacity from 5 ~ 120 tons / day.
• Installation of plants producing ice cubes with a capacity of up to 300 tons / day.
• Installation of IQF refrigeration system with capacity from 250 ~ 1000 kg / hour.
• Installation of conveyor conveyors, state plating equipment and re-rolling state lines.
• Install freezer with capacity from 500 ~ 2000 kg / batch.
• Installation of cold storage with capacity up to 10,000 tons.
• Installation of east tunnel, capacity up to 10 tons / batch.
• Installation of the small and peeled shrimps.
• Install boiler system with steam output up to 10,000 kg / hour.

2. Air conditioning system:

Consulting design of air conditioning systems, ventilation and air handling systems for projects: industrial plants, trade centers, hotels, buildings, hospitals and pharmaceutical factories across the country as:
• Water Chiller central air conditioning system.
• Central air conditioning system VRV, VRF …
• Local air conditioning system, …

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